John Lewis and how a 4 second teaser has gone viral

The John Lewis Christmas advert, and the music it features, has now become an integral part of the festive season.

Just like hanging up the stocking and leaving out mince pies for the big FC, the build up to the main event is just as exciting. And that is why a four second teaser of a cute, furry creature or more accurately just it’s huge eyes in the dark and the hashtag ‘underthebed’ has got everyone excited at the possibility of being a sneak peak at the 2017 John Lewis Christmas offering.

But why & how do we think it’s John Lewis? Well, super eagle-eyed commentators have spotted that it uses a font which is similar to the style used by John Lewis in adverts and the hashtag #BounceBounce from last year’s Christmas ad.

The Twitter account @UnderTheBed2017 started in October this year. It follows no other accounts and posted the video earlier today.

The advert is usually a closely guarded secret but is set to appear on TV screens this week.

A spokesperson from John Lewis told media: “Thank you for getting in touch but as you suspect we don’t comment on speculation about our advert.”

If previous years are anything to go by we also need to spare a thought for twitter user @johnlewis – a good humoured American bloke, completely unrelated to John Lewis retail, who gets incorrectly tagged throughout the year and possibly thousands of times when the Christmas advert drops. All taken in good spirit though, with one example being:

John Lewis tweet

We shall all be watching this space…

Published by Emma Shelley, 6th November 2017


3 Ways you can Improve your Business with Marketing

1. A Varied Marketing Mix

It’s so important to use a variety of different marketing mediums, for example using print alongside conferencing, or email alongside an event. Different types of marketing will attract different people in your market, meaning you can target specific mediums and messages to different segments of your market.

2. An Up-To-Date Website

Not only does an up-to-date website make you look like you are an active business to potential customers, but to search engines it also shows that you are an active site, which helps towards your SEO efforts.

3. A Strong Social Media Presence

Social media is becoming ever increasingly important and effective for businesses to use. Whatever type of business you are, in any industry and whether you’re targeting businesses or consumers, social media is a valuable tool for gaining a better brand awareness and eventually new customers.


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The Most Popular Hashtags on Twitter and Instagram

tweet-hashtagIt’s a strange thought to think that up until a few years ago the hash (#) symbol was used for something else than creating social trends.

#FF or Follow Friday has been classed as the most tweeted hashtag tradition. Honestly, I haven’t seen it come up frequently for quite a few years now. It was huge when Twitter started to become mainstream back in 2009/2010, but personally I haven’t seen it as much as I used to.

#MondayMotivation is one that I see trending every single Monday without fail, and I do love to get IMA involved in that by Tweeting a nice motivational quote to get everyone through the horrible thought of a Monday morning. I think it show that social media communities can also be really caring and nice and not horrible and trolling people. Shows that there are nice people still left in the world!

#WednesdayWisdom – This is one that I only see every so often, but I think it’s a good idea, similarly to Monday Motivation.

#TBT or Throwback Thursday – I love a good #TBT post. Timehop is my all-time fave app at the moment for social media because I love laughing at my cringy Facebook posts from back in 2008. It’s a great one for businesses I think though, because as well as showing what you’re doing currently, I always think it’s nice to show what you have done in the past and how far the company has come in that time.

Flashback Friday is really similar to TBT but not used as much. Again, a great one to show off some old pics or work.

#FridayFeeling – I also love me some #FridayFeeling too. I think it’s a great one to start a conversation and make your brand look like it’s run by real people, which I understand can be difficult sometimes for businesses on social media whilst trying to remain a professional persona.

I also took a look at some of the most popular Instagram hashtags…

  • #doubletap (cheeky way of getting more likes on your post!)
  • #instagrammers
  • #beauty – beauty has such a huge presence on Instagram with quick videos and images of makeup to give people inspiration. No wonder it’s one of the most popular hashtags!
  • #tattoo
  • #nike
  • #model
  • #goodtimes
  • #instafood – food has also made a huge presence on Instagram, with an accompanying popular # being #foodporn. I have to say the food I see on social media is possibly one of my favourite things, mainly because people make the most amazing looking things!
  • #bestfriend
  • #follow4follow and #followback haveto be two of the most annoying and spam hashtags people use. But it works. Yes, your followers may not be of any interest, but lets be honest, people that are using this hashtag just want to compete with others to get the most followers they can. #SorryNotSorry
  • #instafashion and #ootd have meant that fashion bloggers have become extremely popular to alongside beauty. Plus Instagram is the perfect way of a brand showing off their new clothes, and what better way than photographing it or getting fans to send in their photos!
  • #instafamous


What hashtags do you see around a lot? Or are there any that you use a lot in particular?


3 Ways to Improve your Business’s Social Media

BELCHATOW POLAND - MAY 02 2013: Modern white keyboard with colored social network buttons.

Social media is becoming even more important for promoting your business – over 1.8 billion people globally use social media, and for businesses it promotes trust and shows brand personality. Here’s three really simple ways that you can improve your social media presence – trust me, it helps you a lot.

I mean consistency for two different things… 1. the consistency of the designs of your social profiles to your website, and 2. posting regularly. Posting regular updates to social media not only shows that you are an active business, but also helps boost your SEO, as social media sites are classed as “trusted” sites, so if you’re seen to be posting things everyday that is going to help you rank higher. Keeping your designs consistent also shows people that they are looking at the same company’s social platforms. There’s nothing worse than updating one and leaving another platform with old branding, because people aren’t going to know that it is you.

Different types of post
By this I’m talking about retweets, shares, links, images, videos, etc. Different types of posts promote a better interest. For example, posts that include an image or video gain so much more interaction than a post that is just plain text.

Interesting content!
Post about what your followers want to see! Don’t make every post pushy to sell them something… your posts should have a ratio of 8:1 non-salesy vs salesy. That means post about current events (the Olympics at the moment is a great example!), industry news, etc. Keeping them interested is how you are going to turn your followers into customers.


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10 Reasons you need to be using Social Media for your Business

Business-Social-MediaAre you using social media as part of your business’s marketing? No? You sure well should be! Here’s 10 reasons why your business needs to be using social media…

1. Problem solving
With built in direct messengers in most social media sites and apps, it works great to quickly resolve any customer service issues. A notification pops up to the business straight away, rather than having to sift through emails. Plus, it’s so much easier for customers to send a message via social media compared to waiting forever on hold on a customer service telephone line. I know which I’d rather do!

2. Brand building and awareness
Social media, I believe, is still classed as being quite informal, despite many businesses using it. But I think that this can work to your advantage. Of course you want to always maintain a professional image, but letting your guard down a little on social media shows the personality and real people behind the brand. When you see a bit more personality this assures customers that you are much more than just a “number” and you are a real person, just as the business are.

3. Social media promotions are so effective.
2.2 billion people globally are using social media. The effectiveness makes complete sense when you look at figures like that. What other advertising medium has that many people as a potential reach?! Facebook promotions, for example, are actually really affordable, easy to use and extremely effective on drawing in new leads and page likes.

4. Engagement
Alike what I mentioned above about how social media is great for creating a brand personality, engagement also shows people what the company itself is like. Replying to comments is super important as it shows your customers that you can be bothered with them and they are important to you.

5. Social sharing drives website traffic
Facebook is possibly the top site for driving traffic elsewhere, whether it be to another social media platform or to your website. Businesses invest so much money into developing their website and search engine optimisation for their sites, whereas social media is FREE and so why not completely utilise those platforms?

6. Learn about your audience
Social media platforms, especially my personal favourite Facebook, have some fantastic analytics softwares built in to them. They’re there to be completely utilised! Why I love Facebook so much is because of their dedicated business pages (unlike other platforms, for example Twitter and Instagram) – you can completely track who has been viewing and liking your page, dependent on many factors including age, gender, the area they live in, their interests and more. I suppose it’s a lot easier than traditional market research!

7. Effective target audiences
For each campaign you can completely customise your target audiences dependent to your campaign; the criteria can be based on age, gender, interests and location, and can be changed for each different campaign dependent on the message and your goals of the campaign.

8. Find new customers
With such a high number of people using social media, you’re bound to get new customers from places that you wouldn’t through traditional marketing methods. For example, imagine your business does a leaflet drop around the local area near the business. Chances are you’re probably going to get a few people from there interested. But if you did a campaign say on Facebook, and you expanded that area, you’re going to get so many more customers than before. It’s also bringing in completely different people, too.

9. Increase search engine ranking
Search engines have changed a lot recently. The internet has grown so much and become so prominent in our lives, especially social media, that even when you search for something on Google, you get Tweets, videos and social media accounts coming up in your search results, meaning nowadays it’s not just your website that is going to get you to the top of search engines, but social media accounts and activity, too.

10. Expand your audience
Facebook is the most visited website of all the websites that exist, and 53% of companies are recommended through Twitter. If you work at it, using social media for your business will no doubt get new customers, even if you are not paying for promotions.


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11 Social Media Apps I Can’t Live Without


It’s fair to say I am completely addicted to my iPhone, and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it! There’s several apps I can’t live without, for life in general but also my work life – certain apps that make social media management on the go way easier for me!

The regular Facebook app is great for using your personal profile on, but when it comes to the other functionalities that Facebook offer, the normal app isn’t so great, which is why they have several other apps to coincide. Messenger is probably the most used app for me since Facebook got rid of the messenger facility on their regular app a few years ago. I don’t think I could live without the Pages app for my job because it means I can post things to the company pages I manage easily on the go. One that works great with the Pages app is Adverts – I run a lot of promotional campaigns and the Adverts app makes it easy to track how the campaign is doing and also means I can create campaigns on the go. One more Facebook app I really like is Groups; I have probably mentioned before that I also have my own dance school as well as working at IMA, and I use the groups a lot to advertise, especially on the local sale groups (they work wonders I tell you!).

I love that Twitter is just so simple to use. Unlike Facebook, there is no difference between a personal account and a business account. It makes life so much easier as you only need one app, and you can also simultaneously log in to more than one account at a time, which is great for social media managers like myself as I have all my accounts there on the one app rather than having to log in and out.

Instagram is one of my favourite social media platforms because I like the creativity that comes with it. I’ve not been too impressed using Instagram for business use as IMA and my dance school, EP Dance are both service-based businesses, so it doesn’t work as well, but for product based its amazing. There’s a couple other apps I love using alongside Insta and are a necessity for me! Layout is great for stitching images together without having horrible annoying borders, size restrictions or those little watermarks because it’s from a free app. It gives you set layouts to use but you can adjust them to fit to what you want which is so good. I also really love Whitagram – before Instagram would let you resize your image to anything but a square, this was a must for most pictures (no one likes a selfie restricted in a square, so not flattering). It lets you keep your image at the same proportions and adds in a coloured background (it did just used to be white, hence whitagram) so it fits within Instagram’s square guidelines.

I know that I have mentioned Hootsuite many times before but it is literally a life saver when it comes to my job. It makes my job so much easier meaning I can schedule posts as and when I please as well as looking through my timeline and posting the same post to different social media accounts. Best social media management app/site ever (sorry Tweetdeck).

I’ve recently really started to get into Timehop, because looking back through some of the things I used to post on social media back 7 years ago is way too funny. It creates some perfect #TBT material to laugh at on my personal social media accounts for sure!


What social media apps do you love?

Social Media 101: Advertising and Promotion

Social media 101

Social Media Advertising makes the sites $8 billion a year, hence why we all get to use these fantastic platforms for free! Sometimes though when we want a little more exposure for our business, we can pay a little bit when it comes to advertising through social media. And I tell you, it’s so cheap and so effective!


I find Facebook’s advertising so easy and simple to use. There are several types of campaigns that can be done on Facebook for different aims and objectives of a campaign. In terms of the money side, you pay for a certain reach of people; for example, you can set your campaign to spend £4 a day for 7 days (obviously these can be increased and decreased to your budget) and from that amount of money spent your ad will be shown to a certain number of people. It makes it so easy because you know how much exactly you are going to be spending.

facebook promo

There are several different types of page promotions on Facebook; promoting “call to action”, website promotion, page promotion, invite your friends to like the page and boost post

promo cost

You can easily set the daily budget and for how long you want the campaign to run for. It means that you can easily know how much you are going to be spending how effective the amount spent will be to the campaigns aims and objectives

“Call to Action” — The call to action promo is to get people to send you a direct message, a phone call or to take some sort of action to buy or connect with your business. For example, as well as IMA’s Facebook I also run the Facebook page for my personal business, which is a dance school. My Call to Action button is “book now” which takes people to the online sign up form on the website.

Website Promotion — Facebook is a brilliant platform to drive people to other platforms, such as other social media accounts or your website. A good website will give your business a good image for potential customers, and being able to drive them to the website to take some action on your product or service or find out some more information of what you can offer.

Page Promotion — I remember a couple years back when I first worked in social media there was a lot of bad press around people buying likes and follows. Page promotion is not buying likes and follows. It’s simply an ad for your business’s page with a huge “like” button to encourage people to like the page. These ads either appear in the main newsfeed or on the side bar.

Boost Post — This promo is great if you are wanting to advertise something very specific like a limited time special offer. It looks exactly like a normal post but will appear in more people’s timelines and people who don’t actually like your page.

All of the above promotions require you to choose who you want to target your ad at; criteria you can choose includes gender, age, location and interests. It is better to choose as many criteria as you can because a narrower target audience means that your ad will be more successful.



twitter promo

Twitter’s promotions are very similar to Facebook’s – it’s all about driving traffic elsewhere, for example click throughs to website or an app (if so this is linked to the App Store or Google Play to download), to gather more engagement, or for your profile to get more views to enable to you to get more followers. Alike Facebook, you can also promote a certain Tweet to get a higher reach.



  • Always use some sort of image in your promotion; it’s proven that posts that use an image are proven more effective for people taking action or for engagement.
  • Make sure that your target audience is filtered down quite small so that your campaign can be more effective. Criteria for your target audience includes gender, age, location and interests.
  • If your budget allows, it’s sometimes good to run two campaigns at the same time, targeting to different audiences or promoting two different products or services. It means you can get a more tailored message out to more people who are more likely to take up your offer.


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Case Study: Sky Eye Plus Roof Survey

sky eye plus roof surveyIf you follow us on social media you’ll more than likely have seen us talk about our sister company  Sky Eye Plus. As a subsidiary to IMA, Sky Eye Plus offer aerial video and stills as well as 360 degree photography, CGI and augmented reality.

Our client LCM Group wrote the following on their website;

“We were asked by our client to carry out a roof survey in central Liverpool following an ongoing leak into one of the apartments. We had previously diagnosed the area that the leak was suspected as emanating from. We suggested a survey via drone to confirm the problem.

The survey took place on a Sunday for safety reasons as on all other days the building was surrounded by busy pedestrian and motor traffic. All the necessary permissions and pre-flight planning were carried out prior to the survey and in compliance with CAA Drone flight regulations.

The drone survey, which produced video and still photography of the whole roof, duly highlighted that our suspicions were correct and that the water was tracking down from the top of a beam that was behind the external cladding and entering the apartment below.

However, the drone also highlighted a number of other issues with the roof that would not have been picked up on had we simply used traditional access equipment to repair the fault. We subsequently showed these to our client and submitted a quote to repair which was then accepted and the repairs carried out before the faults led to any long term damage.

The result was that our client was satisfied that our recommendations were genuine and also commented that the survey was not only very good value for money but that they would use the method on other schemes that they have.”

Watch the Central Liverpool drone flight.

Text courtesy of LCM Group website