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#TBT IMA Loves… Throwback Slazenger Campaign

slaz ad1

Whilst looking through our archives, I found a great Throwback Thursday of this great campaign we did for Slazenger back in the day!

Yep… we’ve been around since ’72 so there’s a whole load of gems in our archives. Every so often on #ThrowbackThursday we’ll be posting some of the great things we’ve done in the past across our blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so don’t forget to follow us on everything!

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Throwback: Bullhorn Live on ‘Back To The Future Day’


Back in October, we were tasked with filming Bullhorn’s Live event at Bishopsgate in London. Bullhorn provide CRM and relationship management software for service-based industries such as recruitment, PR, marketing, financial services and more.

Bullhorn Live 2015 was their live event to hear about all their latest updates, future plans and hottest trends in the recruitment industry. Recruiters, managers and owners from all over the globe joined us for a day of information packed sessions on how to get the most out of your software investment… and have a bit of fun too!

Something super exciting about the day was that it took place on the infamous “Back To The Future day” (the day that marked when Marty McFly travelled 30 years into the future), and though they couldn’t fit the real DeLorean through the door, there was a full sized version made out of CAKE. Amazing.

We were there for the ride, filming the day, interviewing current clients and users of Bullhorn, capturing a full day of networking, conferencing and the evening party!

Check out some stills from this day – so wish I could have gone!


Check the video here… (link)

YouTube Culture: Blogging, vlogging and how it’s turned into full time jobs

IMG_2643I’ve seen so many blog posts around this subject, and I actually wrote about it HERE on my personal blog.

YouTube began back in February 2005. It’s fair to say that in nearly 11 years they have grown ridiculously, especially over the past 5 or 6 years!

So I always remember it being a place where people would post funny videos, things to share with friends and family, but then back in 2009 it sort of had a revolution if you will. What do I mean by this? Well this huge ‘cult’, if you will, of people making regular videos that actually had a point (sort of…). I’m waffling now… Basically, there are a select few that were making videos, and someone managed to earn this ridiculous following. Take Zoella for example. Her videos didn’t really have any point to start with. She would film her going out for the day, or what was in her bedroom, facts about her – I remember watching her videos from 2012 when she had 300,000 subscribers – now nearly 4 years on, 9 million subscribers, two books and a beauty range, and who knows what else, and she’s huge. She’s made a ridiculous amount of money from YouTube and huge following internationally – so much so that the 25 year old owns a £1million mansion in Brighton. Most 25 year olds I know are still living with their parents.

But why are YouTubers so popular? We’re living now in a digital age – everything that we do is somehow linked to technology or an app on our smartphone or tablet. People are so reliant on their gadgets now, and getting a decent WiFi connection seems to be a major priority in people’s lives. I say it like I’m not guilty of it, but I am – I was on holiday a couple years ago in the South of France, I couldn’t get internet anywhere and my data ran out after being in the country for about half an hour, and we desperately went into McDonalds of all places to make use of their free WiFi – desperate times call for desperate measures, but we’re all so addicted to everything digital that we just can’t live without it.

So how do “YouTubers” make the money that they do? YouTube have a partnership programme that anyone can apply for, which means that you can make money off the amount of views you get on a video, in return for them sticking an advert at the beginning. So that is why you have those frustrating ads on most videos you watch, because that’s how these people make their money. Now don’t get me wrong, if I were to make a YouTube channel for myself and I put ads on them, I wouldn’t get half as many views as these big YouTubers get, so I’d make next to nothing. The average amount that they pay out is 80cents (US) per 1000 views for banner adverts, or $5-8 per 1000 views for the video ads that come before the video. Doesn’t really seem like that much, but when you consider that Zoella has had a lifetime of over 600,000,000 views, she’s probably earned around $48,000,000 which is around £33,000,000. That’s just crazy.
If you’re into YouTube like me you’ll know that over the past two years (especially), YouTubers have been offered opportunities to collaborate with brands, create their own beauty products (á lá Tanya Burr, Fleur De Force and Zoella) and even books. Obviously these extra things add to their wealth, but there are so many successful YouTubers that are making a really good living out of just making videos on the internet.

So what does the future hold for YouTube? Currently the YouTube stars seem to be at the top of their game – they’re celebrities in their own right. But how long will it all last for?

5 Mistakes Businesses are making when it comes to Social Media

5 mistakes businesses are making when it comes to social mediaSocial Media is becoming more and more popular, whether on a personal level to connect with friends and celebrities, but in the past couple years there has been a huge uprising in businesses using social media platforms as a form of advertising.
With such a new form of advertising, it’s fair to say that there’s certain things that are going to go wrong.

  1. Thinking that social media is something that doesn’t take any time at all
    It seems really crazy that in the past few years, jobs have come up for social media managers, alike myself, basically just someone to post things on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Okay, so there is more to it than that, of course, but it definitely needs a dedicated member of staff to oversee the maintenance of social accounts; because let’s be honest, who has time to even go to the toilet at work? In my experience, I’ve been ridiculously busy, and having that extra responsibility would be way too much for most people.
  2. Not replying to Tweets or comments
    Have you ever tweeted a celebrity in the hope that they’ll get a retweet, a mention or even a follow back? Well I certainly have, and yes it is very frustrating when you get no response – even if it is Harry Styles that I’m tweeting who has millions of followers… But imagine how your followers will feel when they get no response? Yeah, it’s pretty bad, and in my opinion, pointless of having social media! Yes it is mainly used for advertising, but also to build a relationship with your followers, and potentially get more customers or clients.
  3. Posting 50 tweets, 24 Facebook updates, 14 photos on Instagram and 3 blog posts in one day, then not posting again for three months
    Maybe a slight exaggeration, but you get what I mean. The key is consistency. Plan your time well and schedule your posts using a site such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. These two both put all your social media accounts into one place for you to post and schedule to all or just one at a time. I used Hootsuite because I personally prefer it, but Tweetdeck offers the same thing too. Plus you can get them on your smart phone and tablet so when you’re on the train to a conference then you can schedule straight from their respective apps.
  4. When you all you post is boring “salesy” tweets
    Now I understand that the key reason for most businesses using social media is for advertising and letting your potential customers know what you do, but if all your social accounts are churning out is “buy from us buy from us buy from us” then followers are going to get bored. Realistically, it should be a ratio of 8:1 of regular posts vs “salesy” posts – Current events, things going on in your office that aren’t work related, even the weather! This will show potential clients that you aren’t just a brand but you are a group of real people. It makes it a lot more personable to followers knowing that they are talking to a real person.
  5. Give every platform the same amount of attention…
    … because you’ll get different customers from different places. You never know where your next client will come from – you might neglect your Twitter account, for example, where a business may have requested some information about your services that could have lead to them being your top client and you could have missed out on that because you neglected Twitter… maybe slightly extreme, and although hypothetical, it realistically could happen.

Are you using social media for your business? Has anything gone wrong for you?

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