Snapchat for Business?

snapchat for business
Snapchat for Business. Two words I never thought would come into the same sentence.

Over two years ago, I read an interesting blog post on how social media would evolve for businesses. Snapchat was mentioned saying that in 2014, it was set to grow in terms of businesses using it. Seems rather crazy if I’m honest when it started off as an app that you could send funny pictures and videos adding text and having the ability to draw on.

Last year saw a rise in businesses signing up to the social network along with the other big platforms, with many large companies sending out ‘stories’ (where you can put multiple ‘snaps’ that can be replayed an unlimited amount of times over a period of 24 hours), though they cannot see anything that you are posting, and you can’t send anything directly to them.

So why has it become to attractive for businesses using Snapchat?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ruling it out completely for business use, but I think there’s certain industries that will benefit from it more than others. For example, the most popular industry for using Snapchat is the fashion industry, for behind the scenes at Fashion Shows, to show releases of new season items and to show different aspects of their shows. But when it comes to most other businesses I just don’t really see how it can be of huge benefit, because I think it’s way too informal for businesses to be using.

What are your thoughts on Snapchat being used as a social network for businesses?



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