How the Evolution of Technology and the Growth of the Internet have changed the world

how the evolution in technology and the growth of the internet have changed the worldThe digital age we currently live in is ever changing – where will it go from here…???

– Smart Phones and Tablets were made specifically for the use of internet on your phone – and especially Social Media! When smartphones started to become really popular with Apple’s release of the first iPhone in 2007, social media wasn’t really that huge. Obviously, it was a thing, Myspace was pretty big and so was Friends Reunited, and Facebook was starting it’s real breakthrough – but think of how big it’s become now since smartphones, and how many more platforms have been invented since.

– As well as smart phones we have to think of another device that was made just for the internet — tablets. I remember in the early noughties watching a film on Disney channel and this girl had a laptop that the screen would flip around when the laptop closed so she could use a stylus to draw on there. I thought it was absolutely fascinating, and just a couple years later Apple released their first iPad, which then led to many other brands releasing a similar product, but it was technically made for the same thing. Internet browsing.

– In the last couple years there’s been a massive uprising of these touch-screen PC’s – whether it be in a laptop or a 2-in-1 (monitor and PC in one unit). Though on the desktops it could just be classed as a bit of a fad, it’s clear that these were invented because of the rise of internet usage.

– My last point in terms of technology is ‘Smart Tech’. It’s quite a broad term, starting off with Smart TVs, where your TV could connect to the internet so that you could stream TV shows and movies, access a web browser and YouTube, as well as the new “Catch Up Services” for TV channels (i.e. BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, 4 on Demand etc).
All our normal household items seem to have “smart” versions being released, from smartwatches like the Apple Watch and fitness bands (like the Jawbone and FitBits) that have apps that connect to your smartphones, an app to control your heating, lightbulbs and even scales! What’s going to be next???

The way we find new relationships and friendships

Because of this digital age that we live in, most people own a smartphone or tablet, and let’s be honest, you can’t walk down a street anymore without seeing most people with a smartphone glued to their hand. I’m guilty of it, there’s a certain addiction to our phones! And because of that, it’s transferred to the way that we find relationships. Whether it be on a dating website or just social media, it’s a proven fact that people are more likely meeting new people online compared to in a pub or at work etc.
For example, the dating site eHarmony has around 33 million members, and after finding a match on there, it has been said that an average of 542 eHarmony members in the USA marry everyday after meeting on the site. That’s pretty crazy when you think about it.

The way we connect with friends and family
I know so many people that have family that live abroad — and let’s be honest, it’s not always that easy for people to get a flight to go and see their loved ones. Skype, Facetime (on Apple devices) and Social Media have grown because of this, and I still find it amazing that you can video call someone who is on the other side of the world.

The creation of jobs
If it wasn’t for the growth of the internet, then I wouldn’t be doing the job that I’m doing now! Social Media Management was a job that didn’t exist until a few years back, as well as many other web-based jobs, plus the creation of teaching jobs because of new courses that have arisen because of the popularity. Think of it this way; the Digital Marketing industry is worth $62 billion just in the US alone — and that was an estimate from 4 years ago! It’s pretty amazing really…


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