The History of Social Networking, Part Two


the history of social networking 2
So in the last post, I covered the beginnings of popular social networking, starting with Friends Reunited, the popular children’s dress up network Stardoll, MySpace, and the increasingly popular Facebook.

Facebook came to the world in 2004, and just two years after, it’s rival (I’d say so anyway) Twitter was born in 2006. This is another platform that has grown with what you can do with it ridiculously in the past few years, as Facebook has too. Becoming the go-to for most businesses, Twitter has a word limit of 140 characters, which means choice words is key! Unlike Facebook where you can upload albums of photos in bulk, you can’t do this on Twitter. However, in the last year or so, you have been able to upload multiple photos to one Tweet, which makes it not too dissimilar from Facebook. The ability to upload videos is also a new feature, too. One significant difference with Facebook and Twitter is when it comes to Business. If you are making a profile for your business on Facebook, you have to create a ‘fan page’ or ‘like page’ – you cannot make a business promotion profile using a regular personal profile as this is against Facebook’s rules! However, to run a Like page, you are required to have a personal profile, which not everyone necessarily wants. Nevertheless, on Twitter, there is no difference between a personal and a business profile, they are all the same and do not require a personal profile to set it up.

The year after Twitter was born, the internet birthed another Social Media giant, ‘blogging’ site Tumblr. Now as a novice blogger myself, I don’t see this as a blogging platform, though it very much reminds me of a mix between Twitter and Tumblr’s predecessor Bebo (from waaaaayyy back in the day!). It’s become huge in the past 9 years, though I do find it rather a niche platform. Still, it’s a huge deal in the social media world.

INSTAGRAM. I love it. Don’t you?? When this first started in 2010, I thought it was one of those photo editing apps, and I didn’t like the fact that after you put these filters on your photos that you had no choice but to post them on your profile. Now I can’t get enough of it!

So where will social media go next? Well I wrote a post last month about Snapchat being used by business (read it HERE) – there was a huge hype for short while, but I just don’t get it as being used for business, but you can read more in the post.
With new platforms evolving every year, and with the termination of one of the first hugely popular sites Friends Reunited, what will be next? Facebook? Completely new sites? An old site making a come back? It sure is an exciting time when it comes to the digital world!


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