3 Useful Apps and Sites for Social Media Management

3 apps and sites for social media managementAs with every job, there’s always those little things that make your day way easier. Here are three apps and/or sites that make my social media job way easier – and they could make yours easier too!

1. Hootsuite
I use Hootsuite as the hub to schedule my posts and see what is upcoming. Now you can schedule posts directly from Facebook, but you can’t do the same from Twitter and Instagram (they are the sites that IMA are on), so this makes it way easier so that I can do it all from one place rather than having multiple windows open on the internet. I mainly use this on my desktop PC but I also have the app on my iPhone (you can also get it on the Google Play Store if you’re not on iOS), which is really handy because from time to time I’m not always sat at my desk, so it’s good to have it on there too so I can post from anywhere.
There’s also a very similar site and app called TweetDeck – it basically does exactly the same as Hootsuite, but I don’t prefer it as much.

2. Manage Flitter
I went on a Social Media course a couple years back with my previous company, and the person leading the course recommended this to us. I’m only on the basic version at the moment, where I have a list of people that we are following on Twitter that aren’t following us back, so I can delete them easily. You can also see if any of the accounts that you are following, or that are following you, are spam accounts, as well as being able to schedule on there and having a basic analytics to see what the best day and time is to post on your account. On the paid version, you can also get analytics and stats on how well a certain campaign has done. As far as I know Manage Flitter doesn’t have an app yet, but I use it maybe once a week, so I don’t really need it on the go anyway!

3. Facebook Pages Manager
Facebook is great on the desktop version with the amount that you can do with it, but on the mobile app it’s not as great – especially when it comes to Pages. I found the pages manager app when I set up a like page for my personal blog, and found it so easy to use, and so beneficial to anyone managing a like page! It allows you to post on the page, edit the page’s content, as well as being able to launch a promotion campaign on there too.

What apps help you manage your social media accounts? Let us know in the comments below!


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