The Importance of Email Marketing to your business

the importance of email marketing to your business

Ever read a marketing email in your inbox and clicked through to see what the company are offering? Chances are you have, and though you may usually just delete marketing emails and think that they are an annoyance, someone there will find it of use.


An easy way to reach mobile customers
With the huge evolution in technology, it has meant that people can work on the go and still access their emails, work and the internet using smartphones, tablets and laptops. This means that when someone is on the train to a business meeting or on their way to work, they can still easily see your content.

Using email marketing software such as Mail Chimp, you don’t have to pay anything for their basic packages, meaning that all you will be paying for is the content and the time it has taken to create.

An effective way of informing customers
There’s a lot more that can be included in an email in comparison to a social media post. You can inform current and potential clients of news within the company, as well as letting your customers know what additional services or products you are offering that could be of use to them. Email marketing is also great for holding offers and online coupons for customers to use.

More direct than traditional marketing and social media
If you think about how quick a Tweet goes out and then gets lost in your Twitter feed, it’s not as direct as something coming straight into a person’s email inbox. The likliness that they will open the email to read and click through to your website is much higher than if the same information was on a tweet.

With something coming into your inbox that actually has your name on it, you’re definitely more likely to read it. Plus, the great thing about email marketing is the fact that it is so direct, so you can also personalise what is going on the email. For example, if you signed up to the online clothing retailer ASOS’s email newsletters, depending on what items you “save” on your wish list on their site or app, this will then determine what emails you will get in your inbox. Pretty good idea really.

Easily measurable
Email marketing software has analytics built in, which makes it way easier to see how successful a campaign has been. You can see how many people have actually opened the email, how many have clicked through to your website, and even see how many people have bought from you from coming from the email (obviously this will only really apply to e-commerce sites).


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