7 things about social media that you probably didn’t know

7 things about social media that you probably didn;t know1. The Facebook “algorithm”
Sounds way fancier than it actually is. To cut it short, when a post has a good amount of likes, comments or shares, it means it’s reach automatically grows. Not only does it grow but it also stays on friends’ timelines for longer, which is why occasionally you will see posts from several days ago. It’s because Facebook think that you’re going to like it because other people have. It’s quite clever really, but it does work in the opposite way too. For example, if every time you post something (whether from a personal profile or a like page), if posts are continually getting little or no reactions, you’re going to stop appearing on people’s timelines, because Facebook works out that people just aren’t interested. Something very important to consider indeed!

2. The rise of social media
It’s almost completely dominating the world and I feel like soon it’s going to be a subject in the national curriculum! In the past year, social media users have grown by 176 million. That’s nearly three times as many people that live in the UK!!

3. Facebook is in fact the most popular social media platform
With 1.65 billion users (that’s like the population of China and the UK!), it’s by far the biggest social media platform.

4. Social media promotion is worth big bucks
Social networking sites earned an estimated $8.3 billion last year in advertising. SAY WHAT!

5. Twitterers are twitter addicts
It took 3 years 2 months and 1 day to go from the first tweet to the BILLIONTH. And an average of 500 million tweets are sent per day, which is about 6000 tweets per second. Who can even type that fast??

6. YouTube
300 hours of video is uploaded every MINUTE to YouTube, with 1 billion views a day, and more than half of those coming from mobile devices. And we can forget all those famous “YouTubers” who make a hefty wage from posting content on the site! (If you’re wondering how they make their mega bucks, it’s through the ads that come at the beginning of videos, as well as brands sponsoring them. Seriously would be the best job ever #workinginpyjamas)

7. #Foodagram
Pizza is the most Instagrammed food behind sushi and steak. It’s also a fave social platform for teens #selfie (personally I like a good #OOTD post – that’s outfit of the day BTW.)


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