Month: June 2016

Social Media 101: Advertising and Promotion

Social media 101

Social Media Advertising makes the sites $8 billion a year, hence why we all get to use these fantastic platforms for free! Sometimes though when we want a little more exposure for our business, we can pay a little bit when it comes to advertising through social media. And I tell you, it’s so cheap and so effective!


I find Facebook’s advertising so easy and simple to use. There are several types of campaigns that can be done on Facebook for different aims and objectives of a campaign. In terms of the money side, you pay for a certain reach of people; for example, you can set your campaign to spend £4 a day for 7 days (obviously these can be increased and decreased to your budget) and from that amount of money spent your ad will be shown to a certain number of people. It makes it so easy because you know how much exactly you are going to be spending.

facebook promo

There are several different types of page promotions on Facebook; promoting “call to action”, website promotion, page promotion, invite your friends to like the page and boost post

promo cost

You can easily set the daily budget and for how long you want the campaign to run for. It means that you can easily know how much you are going to be spending how effective the amount spent will be to the campaigns aims and objectives

“Call to Action” — The call to action promo is to get people to send you a direct message, a phone call or to take some sort of action to buy or connect with your business. For example, as well as IMA’s Facebook I also run the Facebook page for my personal business, which is a dance school. My Call to Action button is “book now” which takes people to the online sign up form on the website.

Website Promotion — Facebook is a brilliant platform to drive people to other platforms, such as other social media accounts or your website. A good website will give your business a good image for potential customers, and being able to drive them to the website to take some action on your product or service or find out some more information of what you can offer.

Page Promotion — I remember a couple years back when I first worked in social media there was a lot of bad press around people buying likes and follows. Page promotion is not buying likes and follows. It’s simply an ad for your business’s page with a huge “like” button to encourage people to like the page. These ads either appear in the main newsfeed or on the side bar.

Boost Post — This promo is great if you are wanting to advertise something very specific like a limited time special offer. It looks exactly like a normal post but will appear in more people’s timelines and people who don’t actually like your page.

All of the above promotions require you to choose who you want to target your ad at; criteria you can choose includes gender, age, location and interests. It is better to choose as many criteria as you can because a narrower target audience means that your ad will be more successful.



twitter promo

Twitter’s promotions are very similar to Facebook’s – it’s all about driving traffic elsewhere, for example click throughs to website or an app (if so this is linked to the App Store or Google Play to download), to gather more engagement, or for your profile to get more views to enable to you to get more followers. Alike Facebook, you can also promote a certain Tweet to get a higher reach.



  • Always use some sort of image in your promotion; it’s proven that posts that use an image are proven more effective for people taking action or for engagement.
  • Make sure that your target audience is filtered down quite small so that your campaign can be more effective. Criteria for your target audience includes gender, age, location and interests.
  • If your budget allows, it’s sometimes good to run two campaigns at the same time, targeting to different audiences or promoting two different products or services. It means you can get a more tailored message out to more people who are more likely to take up your offer.


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Case Study: Sky Eye Plus Roof Survey

sky eye plus roof surveyIf you follow us on social media you’ll more than likely have seen us talk about our sister company  Sky Eye Plus. As a subsidiary to IMA, Sky Eye Plus offer aerial video and stills as well as 360 degree photography, CGI and augmented reality.

Our client LCM Group wrote the following on their website;

“We were asked by our client to carry out a roof survey in central Liverpool following an ongoing leak into one of the apartments. We had previously diagnosed the area that the leak was suspected as emanating from. We suggested a survey via drone to confirm the problem.

The survey took place on a Sunday for safety reasons as on all other days the building was surrounded by busy pedestrian and motor traffic. All the necessary permissions and pre-flight planning were carried out prior to the survey and in compliance with CAA Drone flight regulations.

The drone survey, which produced video and still photography of the whole roof, duly highlighted that our suspicions were correct and that the water was tracking down from the top of a beam that was behind the external cladding and entering the apartment below.

However, the drone also highlighted a number of other issues with the roof that would not have been picked up on had we simply used traditional access equipment to repair the fault. We subsequently showed these to our client and submitted a quote to repair which was then accepted and the repairs carried out before the faults led to any long term damage.

The result was that our client was satisfied that our recommendations were genuine and also commented that the survey was not only very good value for money but that they would use the method on other schemes that they have.”

Watch the Central Liverpool drone flight.

Text courtesy of LCM Group website