Case Study: Sky Eye Plus Roof Survey

sky eye plus roof surveyIf you follow us on social media you’ll more than likely have seen us talk about our sister company  Sky Eye Plus. As a subsidiary to IMA, Sky Eye Plus offer aerial video and stills as well as 360 degree photography, CGI and augmented reality.

Our client LCM Group wrote the following on their website;

“We were asked by our client to carry out a roof survey in central Liverpool following an ongoing leak into one of the apartments. We had previously diagnosed the area that the leak was suspected as emanating from. We suggested a survey via drone to confirm the problem.

The survey took place on a Sunday for safety reasons as on all other days the building was surrounded by busy pedestrian and motor traffic. All the necessary permissions and pre-flight planning were carried out prior to the survey and in compliance with CAA Drone flight regulations.

The drone survey, which produced video and still photography of the whole roof, duly highlighted that our suspicions were correct and that the water was tracking down from the top of a beam that was behind the external cladding and entering the apartment below.

However, the drone also highlighted a number of other issues with the roof that would not have been picked up on had we simply used traditional access equipment to repair the fault. We subsequently showed these to our client and submitted a quote to repair which was then accepted and the repairs carried out before the faults led to any long term damage.

The result was that our client was satisfied that our recommendations were genuine and also commented that the survey was not only very good value for money but that they would use the method on other schemes that they have.”

Watch the Central Liverpool drone flight.

Text courtesy of LCM Group website


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