10 Reasons you need to be using Social Media for your Business

Business-Social-MediaAre you using social media as part of your business’s marketing? No? You sure well should be! Here’s 10 reasons why your business needs to be using social media…

1. Problem solving
With built in direct messengers in most social media sites and apps, it works great to quickly resolve any customer service issues. A notification pops up to the business straight away, rather than having to sift through emails. Plus, it’s so much easier for customers to send a message via social media compared to waiting forever on hold on a customer service telephone line. I know which I’d rather do!

2. Brand building and awareness
Social media, I believe, is still classed as being quite informal, despite many businesses using it. But I think that this can work to your advantage. Of course you want to always maintain a professional image, but letting your guard down a little on social media shows the personality and real people behind the brand. When you see a bit more personality this assures customers that you are much more than just a “number” and you are a real person, just as the business are.

3. Social media promotions are so effective.
2.2 billion people globally are using social media. The effectiveness makes complete sense when you look at figures like that. What other advertising medium has that many people as a potential reach?! Facebook promotions, for example, are actually really affordable, easy to use and extremely effective on drawing in new leads and page likes.

4. Engagement
Alike what I mentioned above about how social media is great for creating a brand personality, engagement also shows people what the company itself is like. Replying to comments is super important as it shows your customers that you can be bothered with them and they are important to you.

5. Social sharing drives website traffic
Facebook is possibly the top site for driving traffic elsewhere, whether it be to another social media platform or to your website. Businesses invest so much money into developing their website and search engine optimisation for their sites, whereas social media is FREE and so why not completely utilise those platforms?

6. Learn about your audience
Social media platforms, especially my personal favourite Facebook, have some fantastic analytics softwares built in to them. They’re there to be completely utilised! Why I love Facebook so much is because of their dedicated business pages (unlike other platforms, for example Twitter and Instagram) – you can completely track who has been viewing and liking your page, dependent on many factors including age, gender, the area they live in, their interests and more. I suppose it’s a lot easier than traditional market research!

7. Effective target audiences
For each campaign you can completely customise your target audiences dependent to your campaign; the criteria can be based on age, gender, interests and location, and can be changed for each different campaign dependent on the message and your goals of the campaign.

8. Find new customers
With such a high number of people using social media, you’re bound to get new customers from places that you wouldn’t through traditional marketing methods. For example, imagine your business does a leaflet drop around the local area near the business. Chances are you’re probably going to get a few people from there interested. But if you did a campaign say on Facebook, and you expanded that area, you’re going to get so many more customers than before. It’s also bringing in completely different people, too.

9. Increase search engine ranking
Search engines have changed a lot recently. The internet has grown so much and become so prominent in our lives, especially social media, that even when you search for something on Google, you get Tweets, videos and social media accounts coming up in your search results, meaning nowadays it’s not just your website that is going to get you to the top of search engines, but social media accounts and activity, too.

10. Expand your audience
Facebook is the most visited website of all the websites that exist, and 53% of companies are recommended through Twitter. If you work at it, using social media for your business will no doubt get new customers, even if you are not paying for promotions.


Need some help with your businesses Social Media? Whether you’re completely new to it or you just need a little help along, we are here to help! Contact our Social Media Manager Emily now by emailing emily@ima-group.co.uk


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