3 Ways to Improve your Business’s Social Media

BELCHATOW POLAND - MAY 02 2013: Modern white keyboard with colored social network buttons.

Social media is becoming even more important for promoting your business – over 1.8 billion people globally use social media, and for businesses it promotes trust and shows brand personality. Here’s three really simple ways that you can improve your social media presence – trust me, it helps you a lot.

I mean consistency for two different things… 1. the consistency of the designs of your social profiles to your website, and 2. posting regularly. Posting regular updates to social media not only shows that you are an active business, but also helps boost your SEO, as social media sites are classed as “trusted” sites, so if you’re seen to be posting things everyday that is going to help you rank higher. Keeping your designs consistent also shows people that they are looking at the same company’s social platforms. There’s nothing worse than updating one and leaving another platform with old branding, because people aren’t going to know that it is you.

Different types of post
By this I’m talking about retweets, shares, links, images, videos, etc. Different types of posts promote a better interest. For example, posts that include an image or video gain so much more interaction than a post that is just plain text.

Interesting content!
Post about what your followers want to see! Don’t make every post pushy to sell them something… your posts should have a ratio of 8:1 non-salesy vs salesy. That means post about current events (the Olympics at the moment is a great example!), industry news, etc. Keeping them interested is how you are going to turn your followers into customers.


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