TBT: “Steroplast on Ice”


We found this fantastic number we produced for Steroplast in our archives and just had to share it with you! As the official first aid suppliers for Dancing On Ice, we produced this campaign for the healthcare company back in 2009.

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THROWBACK: Lonsdale Cash and Carry campaign from 1975

lonsdale cash and carry
Talk about #ThrowbackThursday — this week we’re going all the way back to 1975 with this campaign that we did for Lonsdale Cash and Carry. So as this was 21 years before I was born, I’ll let our MD Graham explain some more…


“We invented and managed the first ever Cash and Carry Wholesaler suppliers conference in the industry for Lonsdale & Thompson. The company, owned by Lord Vesty at the time, was growing rapidly and we proposed that suppliers should know and choose to invest their marketing budgets into Lonsdale’s and tell suppliers their future plans to get even bigger. Because of the cheeky Rabbit logo we designed it just had to be held at the Play Boy club in Canal Street Manchester. (That’s our story anyway!)

This photo (below), taken the day after the conference which was a great success, was our debrief meeting debating the positives and the negatives. When the bar closed and kicked us out it was all positive. Happy days!”

lonsdale cash and carry 2


So what else happened in 1975?

  • First episode of Fawlty Towers
  • Margaret Thatcher became leader of the Conservative party
  • Microsoft was founded
  • Sex Pistols’ first gig
  • ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ was released
  • The following celebrities were born… David Beckham, Jamie Oliver, Kate Winslet, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Russell Brand, Sarah Millican

Throwback: Today’s Group Annual Conference, Monte Carlo

A couple weeks I ago I posted about an event that we covered for Bullhorn (check it out HERE) with some great images, so I’ve got another post today about an event held by Today’s Group in non other than the beautiful Monte Carlo.

The annual conference was attended by around 500 people, from brands, including Coca Cola, P&G and Cadbury, and wholesaler suppliers who are part of the Today’s Group.

During the five day event, we were joined by a host of industry experts, familiar faces and well known brands for what was truly an event not to be missed. A number of member speakers including Simon Hannah (JW Filshill), Jim Cumminskey (Falite Foods Group), Sanjay Wadhwani (Wanis International Foods) and Michael Skelton (Savage and Whitten) took to the stage as well as a host of high profile supplier speakers, including Jill Livesey and James Bielby from the FWD and Kate Salmon from the SWA.

IMA were fully responsible for the print and production of the event collateral. This included introduction brochures and luggage tags, to on-site material like banners, pop ups, flags, menus and name tags, as well as dressing and branding the presentation space with large format 4m hanging banners.

We liased with the client to ensure that from brief to delivery everything was done on time, on point and on budget.

Take a look at some of the photos taken from the conference held in this beautiful city.

#TBT IMA Loves… Throwback Slazenger Campaign

slaz ad1

Whilst looking through our archives, I found a great Throwback Thursday of this great campaign we did for Slazenger back in the day!

Yep… we’ve been around since ’72 so there’s a whole load of gems in our archives. Every so often on #ThrowbackThursday we’ll be posting some of the great things we’ve done in the past across our blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so don’t forget to follow us on everything!

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Throwback: Bullhorn Live on ‘Back To The Future Day’


Back in October, we were tasked with filming Bullhorn’s Live event at Bishopsgate in London. Bullhorn provide CRM and relationship management software for service-based industries such as recruitment, PR, marketing, financial services and more.

Bullhorn Live 2015 was their live event to hear about all their latest updates, future plans and hottest trends in the recruitment industry. Recruiters, managers and owners from all over the globe joined us for a day of information packed sessions on how to get the most out of your software investment… and have a bit of fun too!

Something super exciting about the day was that it took place on the infamous “Back To The Future day” (the day that marked when Marty McFly travelled 30 years into the future), and though they couldn’t fit the real DeLorean through the door, there was a full sized version made out of CAKE. Amazing.

We were there for the ride, filming the day, interviewing current clients and users of Bullhorn, capturing a full day of networking, conferencing and the evening party!

Check out some stills from this day – so wish I could have gone!


Check the video here… (link)