John Lewis and how a 4 second teaser has gone viral

The John Lewis Christmas advert, and the music it features, has now become an integral part of the festive season.

Just like hanging up the stocking and leaving out mince pies for the big FC, the build up to the main event is just as exciting. And that is why a four second teaser of a cute, furry creature or more accurately just it’s huge eyes in the dark and the hashtag ‘underthebed’ has got everyone excited at the possibility of being a sneak peak at the 2017 John Lewis Christmas offering.

But why & how do we think it’s John Lewis? Well, super eagle-eyed commentators have spotted that it uses a font which is similar to the style used by John Lewis in adverts and the hashtag #BounceBounce from last year’s Christmas ad.

The Twitter account @UnderTheBed2017 started in October this year. It follows no other accounts and posted the video earlier today.

The advert is usually a closely guarded secret but is set to appear on TV screens this week.

A spokesperson from John Lewis told media: “Thank you for getting in touch but as you suspect we don’t comment on speculation about our advert.”

If previous years are anything to go by we also need to spare a thought for twitter user @johnlewis – a good humoured American bloke, completely unrelated to John Lewis retail, who gets incorrectly tagged throughout the year and possibly thousands of times when the Christmas advert drops. All taken in good spirit though, with one example being:

John Lewis tweet

We shall all be watching this space…

Published by Emma Shelley, 6th November 2017


5 Common Misconceptions of being a Photographer

Image Credit: Shot ID Photography, www.shotid.co.uk

Image Credit: Shot ID Photography, http://www.shotid.co.uk

I thought that today I would do another job role ‘misconception’ post, this time around the role of a photographer. It’s a career that is somewhat glamourised by society, but I get the low down on what it’s really like thanks to some great insight from professional commercial photographer Jay from ShotID Photography.

1. It’s mega glamorous
If you call 15 layers in -20 degrees in the middle of no-where, or running around a photo studio for hours on end, then yes it is pretty glamorous. But no, it’s not all supermodels and celebrities.

2. You’re photographing the likes of Kate Moss, Cara Delevigne and gang on a daily basis
In commercial photography, you’re lucky if you even get a model – so no supermodels here unfortunately.

3. All you do is turn up, take a few shots and go home
There’s so much more to it than that! You’re the first there and the last to leave – getting everything set up, packed away, and then there’s all the editing too…

4. The photos you took miraculously edit themselves (with no extra work from yourself)
An 8-hour shoot more than likely will turn into another 4 hours (at least) of editing and downloading the images.

5. It’s a 9-5 job
Well 9-5 could mean 9am-5pm or even 9pm-5am. It’s never set hours in the day. You could work for an hour or it could be 14 hours. It’s so varied!